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Whether it's a portrait of your favorite MUSCLE CAR or the dragon in your DREAMS, you can have a custom painting done for you.  For paintings of your own car,  you should have a quality photograph which clearly depicts the car. Preferably there should be nice highlights and shadows. The finished piece would measure 20"X30", and is done in airbrush with photo-realism, signed and dated by the artist. The painting and your car will appreciate with time.  Other sizes can be done as well.

The cost of each photo-realist airbrush painting is $1400 if you keep the copyrights, $1000 if I keep the copyrights. You can also get a simplified painting for $350.  The average photo-realist painting takes me 45 hours of delicate work, beyond the planning and prep time which is usually over 15 hours.  For info on Airbrush painting steps, click here.

Paintings of almost anything you want can be also be rendered in watercolor, oils, acrylics, colored pencil, pencil, and ink. drawings.  Limited only by your imagination!  Due to the popularity of my work, I am scheduling paintings a year in advance.  Please book your painting now to get it scheduled at these prices.  An example of pricing (add $400 if you want to keep the copyrights):  

Custom Painting Prices


Painting Size Price
Airbrush - photo realism 20" by 30" $1400 / $1000
Airbrush - photo realistic car with simplified (non-detailed) background 20" by 30" $350
Colored pencil or Ink Drawing 11" by 14" $200
Oils or Acrylics on Canvas 16" by 20" $750
Oils or Acrylics on Canvas 20" by 24" $1100
Oils or Acrylics on Canvas 8" by 10" $200

Add $100 per additional subject incorporated into the painting, and $15 for shipping.  Note that the larger the canvas size, the more details can be added to the painting.

E-mail Paula Gregory at if you have any questions or would like to order.