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By Paula Gregory

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beauty.jpg (29893 bytes)
Beauty & Freedom
mare & foal.jpg (22356 bytes)
Mare & Foal
(prints not available)
Colorado Wolves 72dpi.jpg (45444 bytes)
Colorado Wolves
springersmall.jpg (24795 bytes)
Springer Spaniel
naptime3.jpg (26166 bytes)
wingwis3.jpg (18857 bytes)
Wishin' for Wings
white dragon
Norman the White Dragon
fire dragon
MysticFire, King of Dragons
deer.jpg (20379 bytes)
Young 'Un
nitemyst.jpg (25377 bytes)
NightMyst, Dragon of the Sky
vettendragon2x1.jpg (17575 bytes)
astral storm 72 dpi5x3.jpg (47449 bytes)
Astral Storm Dragon
Starfire.jpg (30691 bytes)
Starfire, Dragon of the Night
Eveningguard_dragon_75dpi.jpg (81340 bytes)
Evening Guard Dragon
wolves4.jpg (23844 bytes)
Earth's Children I

(Computer rendered from photographs)
Thundermountainstallion.jpg (43849 bytes)
ThunderMountain Stallion
navajo grandmother with sheep and lambs draft horses Navajo grandmother at spider rock man and dogs at lake
Custom drawings - your design - created by Paula Gregory

Prints are available starting at $15 plus shipping. If you have any ideas not shown or you would like to request more info or a CATALOG, please e-mail me at